Rohit Khare

Ph.D. 2003, M.S. 2000

Dr. Rohit Khare is an entrepreneur and award-winning computer scientist researching software architecture, cybersecurity and decentralization. He is currently leading product management at a stealth-mode Cloud security startup founded in Irvine, California. For over a decade after Google bought his last startup, he launched new infrastructure for Cloud computing, machine learning and social graph analytics. His first venture backed startup, KnowNow, spun out of UC Irvine in 2000, after developing internet standards at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and MCI’s Internet Architecture Group. He founded 4K Associates and edited the World Wide Web Journal (W3J) for O’Reilly & Associates. He received his Ph.D. in software engineering from UC Irvine in 2003.