Roy Fielding

PhD 2000, MS 1993, BS 1988

Roy T. Fielding, Senior Principal Scientist at Adobe, is known for his pioneering work on the World Wide Web, open source, and software architecture. He wrote the standards for HTTP and URI, has been a contributor to many other Web technologies, and defined the REST architectural style as a model for the design principles behind the modern Web architecture. Dr. Fielding is one of the founders of the Apache HTTP Server Project, incorporator and first chairman of the Apache Software Foundation, and a former member of the ASF board of directors. He has been honored with the 1999 ACM Software System Award, the OSCON 2000 Appaloosa Award for Vision, and the 2010 ICSE Most Influential Paper. Dr. Fielding was also among the first elected members of the W3C Technical Architecture Group and the first selected members of the TR100 by MIT Technology Review.